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Our mission is to provide you with quality well fitting dentures that will look great and function well. As with most profession’s and industries, technology and work practices have changed and we will be showing you dentures and techniques that you may not have seen before.

Our practice has been operating for over 28 years with 34 years in the Industry and has enjoyed very good growth with over 30% of our patients coming from personal recommendations.

Michael Hearsch is also a member of the Australian Dental Prosthetist Association of Queensland and our clinic adheres to the code of ethics laid down by the association. All of our instruments are auto-claved for your protection.


Let’s explain when an immediate denture is by using an example, suppose, for instance, that you have eight (8) remaining upper teeth. These teeth are, unfortunately, poor and cannot be used in any way to support a new denture. If you were to read more...



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